Saturday, July 24, 2010

Welcome, World...

I've been working on this site for awhile and it has taken me a few months to actually bite the bullet and launch it.  And now finally, here it is.  I'll be adding content and photos, information and knowledge as I go, but I now have a place to start.

So often, I stumble across things in the design industry that inspire or incense me, blow me away with their creativity, or stun me with the sheer ignorance of it all.

As an Interior Designer specializing in Kitchen and Bath Design (well, OK, who am I kidding?  Having spent a fair amount of my career working for contractors doing whole house remodels, what I really specialize in is tearing people's homes apart right down to rough stud, redesigning it and starting over...) it is always surprising to me how little knowledge a homeowner has about what they are getting themselves into when they embark on any type of home improvement project. That lack of knowledge often leads to frustration, anger, tears, temper tantrums, sleepless nights, rapidly emptying bank accounts and threats of legal action.  And that's just from the contractor!  Multiply that by a factor of ten and you've got a homeowners reaction.

It just doesn't have to be that way!

Having worked a great deal on the construction end of the Interior Design field, (not just the froo-froo decorating end) I've had the unique opportunity to work with all phases of a remodel or  new construction project - from the initial concept, design phase, bidding and construction to the finished 3D reality.  In addition to the knowledge that comes from the usual designer's job of working with clients, space-planning and the plethora of finishing materials and products, I've also interfaced with architects, engineers, building departments, contractors, sub contractors, other designers, vendors, retailer's...the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker...well, you get the idea - all those needed to get a project from point A to a finished point Z.  I not only know how all these different entities operate within a construction project, more importantly, I know how they think.

Which means, dear friend, that I've got 'the dirt' on the whole enchilada.  Call it the 'Kitchen Confidential' and 'the Waiter Rant' of the residential design and building industry.  
Why spill all the beans? Because I can! But also because I'm a big believer in the phrase "Knowledge is Power".  I also know that the building process, while often painful, doesn't have to be anywhere near as miserable as it often is for homeowners if they just had some of that knowledge on how it all works.  There is a rhyme and a reason to it, and there definitely is a progression...and building projects work best when it is understood and followed. 

So often, when dealing with a client, it is near impossible for any one of the above pro's , myself included, to impart all of their years of experience and knowledge, distilled down into an easily and quickly digested increment that a client can absorb during your relatively short time with them.  Given deadlines, the immense amount of details and a pro's not knowing what their client do and do not understand about the project they are embarking on, information from a pro to a client unfortunately often falls under the category of the Hawkeye Pierce quote: 

"I didn't think I had to explain the incredibly obvious, the merely obvious would suffice".

It usually doesn't.

So toward remedying that end, this blog was born...

I'll confess, I'm not being completely altruistic here.  If a client understands the process, it not only will make their life a heck of a lot easier during a design and construction project, but hopefully everyone else's job as well, mine included.

So buckle up buttercup, engage brain and put your memory in's lookin' at interior design and construction, kid.


Karen said...

This is cool!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Michelle...I really enjoy your writing style...very engaging...and I look forward to reading/learning more!

Michelle P said...

Thank you both!

Carla Bonetti said...

Michelle, you were born to write! I always laugh out loud when I read your stuff - this is great. Congrats and I hope you get some business.