Friday, July 27, 2012

There's no place like home...there's no place like home...

Well, it was substantially more difficult than clicking my heels 3 times and chanting the above sentiment, but either way, I'm back in the Tahoe basin. Life Is Good.

After a year working in L.A. I've come to a few conclusions. 

1) Northern California and Southern California probably should be separate states. They have totally different mentalities and attitudes.

2) I may have been born in Southern Cal but my outlook is Northern Cal.

3) There is no amount of money you can earn that makes rotting in L.A. traffic worthwhile.

4) You won't be making any substantial amount of money anyway. You'll be paying through the nose for housing despite that. AND rotting in traffic.

5) The arrogance and snob factor proved too much for this mountain girl. I'd much rather drive my 'Tahoe Beater' to its death than keep up with a Kardashian...or their Bentleys.

So here I am, trying to brave the business end of the area, which is showing signs of life ever so slowly.  But such is life. We make our choices and do our best to live with them.

Now if only I can just MAKE a living.